Carol Smurthwaite

Carol SmurthwaiteThrowing herself out of the door of a perfectly good aircraft flying at high altitude had not previously been at the top of Carol Smurthwaite’s ‘things to do’ list. Nevertheless, in her quest to raise money for the CLEAR Trust Carol took a giant leap from 12,000 feet, and in the process raised £564. Carols’ story is all the more remarkable because she suffers severely from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a progressively degenerative disease of the central nervous system leading to irreversible neurological and physical disability.

Having volunteered to take part in a research project funded by the MS Society, for 3 months Carol made twice weekly visits to the CLEAR Unit at Oxford Brookes University and it was while she was pedalling away on an exercise bike that she noticed some charity cheques from the CLEAR Trust hanging on the wall. When she discovered that the CLEAR Trust regularly contributed funds for new equipment and research in the CLEAR Unit, Carol decided to do what she could to raise more money.

Carol explained

“These charities have enriched my life, and I am so appreciative of their support, friendship and the opportunities they made available to me. I hope to raise considerable funds, which is my way of saying thank you so very much!”

Professor Helen Dawes, Head of the Movement Science Group and Director of the CLEAR Unit said

“We are so grateful to people like Carol.  Our aim is to build a world class research and education facility specialising in the development and delivery of exercise programmes for children and adults suffering a broad range of movement disorders and physical disabilities.  The close alliances we have with charities such as the CLEAR Trust and the generous support we receive from people like Carol will enable us to achieve that goal”