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The CLEAR Trust supports a team of innovative researchers who embrace a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with specialists from around the world to address important issues facing individuals with long-term health issues, learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

Since 2008 the CLEAR Unit research team have designed, evaluated and delivered exercise interventions and clinical trials for children and adults in association with the following organisations; 

NHS Trusts 

The British Heart Foundation
Action Medical Research for Children
Dept of Paediatrics, Oxford University Hospitals
Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility, Oxford University Hospitals
Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Oxford
Wellcome Trust
Oxford Kidney Unit, Oxford University Hospitals
Dept of Health Sciences, The University of York
National Institute of Health Research, Oxford Biomedical Research
The Multiple Sclerosis Society
Stroke Association
Parkinson’s UK
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Oxford Centre of Enablement, Oxford University Hospitals
Oxford Centre for Magnetic Resonance (Cardiac Imaging) University of Oxford
The Clinical Trials Team, Oxford Brookes University
The University of Birmingham
The University of Cardiff
The University of Oxford
Oxford Health NHS Trust
The National Lottery
Oxford City Council
Sport England
The Education Endowment Fund
NatCen Social Research

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